Lead Nurturing…the New Wave of the Future

WaveYesterday, I was reading Aberdeen’s new industry analyst report, which discusses the best practices of lead nurturing by exploring the tactics and strategies of top performing organizations. I found it quite interesting that 56% of all respondents surveyed indicated that they lack a formal lead nurturing process.

With 80% of sales closing after the 5th contact, can marketing and sales really afford not to nurture all leads? I think not. It’s time to wise up and realize the importance of lead nurturing and the impact it can have on your organization. By implementing a lead nurturing process, marketing departments can significantly reduce their lead generation budgets and in return maximize their efforts on lead quality instead of lead quantity.

With today’s economic conditions spiraling downward across the globe many organizations are being forced to cut costs and focus on maximizing marketing and sales effectiveness. We can no longer afford to waste money on generating qualified leads to only have them fall through the cracks. So not only is lead nurturing the new Wave of the future, but it is a powerful way that all organizations can help to maximize their lead generation efforts once and for all – finally!

If you’re interested in learning more, download a complimentary copy of Aberdeen’s Lead Nurturing: The Secret to Successful Lead Generation report.


CRMA with a twist!

The CRMA conference offered something a little different this year – they’ve included marketing automation. Some might have wondered the reason behind this addition; well, many CRM professionals are noticing a “new guy” in the industry [marketing automation]. Arguably, these are two completely different industries, so the introduction of marketing automation at this conference was certainly educational.


Companies within this industry talked about the importance of lead scoring and how to drive revenue using it; why deciphering customer intention in an online world is imperative; and why one click is not the same as the next click. Sure, attendees left the conference with more insight on the world of CRM, but they also left understanding that marketing automation is now a definite player.

Scoring: A Leading Priority for Marketers

In the age of the Internet, lead scoring has become crucial for marketers. Leads must be scored and prioritized for appropriate action. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time, effort and your budget.

Today, leads flow to Marketing from ever-increasing online sources—email campaigns, the company website, Google AdWords and Google searches, webinars, online advertising, blogs and virtual trade shows—as well as from traditional marketing activities such as print ads, direct mail, trade shows and networking.  The sheer volume of leads can be overwhelming.

Automated lead scoring and prioritization is the key. Read more.

Sign Up for Webinar on Lead Scoring & Nurturing

LeadLife invites you to join our Webinar on “Making Lead Scoring & Nurturing Work” featuring BearingPoint’s Paul Dunay and Andrew Gaffney from Demand Gen Report. Learn how to enhance your lead nurturing process to drive more quality leads and sales. Hear first-hand how Paul scores and nurtures leads, seeing real-time results from all marketing campaigns on one dashboard including lead downloads, pages viewed, and how long was spent on each page. Gain a deeper understanding of how lead scoring and nurturing can increase your marketing ROI and maximize your resources.

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